Multilysis specialises in corporate planning and Cyprus tax consultancy and provides cost effective and robust business solutions for companies and entrepreneurs wishing to establish a presence in Cyprus.

We provide strategic advice at an early stage of transactions to identify tax effective structures and avoid needless liabilities along the full range of commercial transactions. This can be achieved by taking full advantage of the various Double Tax Treaties, EU & other relevant legislation. Our tax services include both domestic and international tax planning.

Our Tax Consultancy Department is headed by Mrs. Katia Pirilidou who, prior to joining Multilysis, she served as the Chief Revenue Officer of the Cyprus Inland Revenue Department. At the time of her retirement in 2010, she held the following positions:

  • Head of the International Tax Affairs Division (member of the negotiating team for the conclusion of numerous currently in place Double-Tax Treaties)
  • Head of the Immovable Property & Capital Gains Tax Division
  • Head of the Internal Audit Division
  • Head of the Valuation Department Division
  • Head of the Inheritance Tax Division 

Our tax services focus on the following areas: 

  • Personalized information and guidance on Cyprus tax effective structures
  • Consultation and advisory services for direct and indirect complex tax matters
  • Preparation and filing of personal income tax returns
  • Negotiations with relevant Cyprus Tax Authorities
  • Provision of information on direct & indirect taxation
  • Administration, analysis and assessment of our client's structure of business transactions to ensure tax efficiency by maximising operational benefits and minimising tax
  • Conducting tax litigation through N. PIRILIDES & ASSOCIATES LLC.


Tax Consultant

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