Cyprus student visa

Author: Multilysis Services Limited
Date: 2012-11-23
Every student in Cyprus should hold the relevant permit issued by the Migration Department. The student visa is issued for a specific educational institution/university. In case of the non-EU student deciding to change an educational university, one must then obtain a new residence permit.
International students from non-EU countries need a student visa for entry to Cyprus. Student visas are issued only to full-time international students. A full-time student is one who takes a minimum of 12 credits in a semester.
School attendance is compulsory and concerns the programmes of study approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus.
Student visas can be issued either by an Embassy/ High Commission/ Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in the candidate's home country or by the Migration Department in Cyprus.
Foreign students from non-EU countries are not allowed to work during their study in Cyprus. Exceptions are however made by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus for certain courses for which working permits may be issued to enable practical training.
Foreign students have the right to invite to Cyprus friends and family from abroad as guests under the condition that he/she can secure a bank deposit of approximately Euro 515 for each person invited.
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