Tighter legal framework on money laundering- The Fourth EU Anti Money Laundering Directive
Posted On : 31-05-2017

In an effort to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorists’ activities and to increase transparency, the European Commission issued...

Information on the registration of a Society in Cyprus
Posted On : 05-02-2014

According to the Societies and Institutions Laws 1972 and 1997, “Society” is an organized association of at least twenty (20) persons for the attainment of a certain non-profitable object.

EC proposals on modernisation of the Package Travel Directive
Posted On : 17-12-2013

What will the reforms bring and how will they affect travellers?

Cyprus International Trusts Law and relevant amendments
Posted On : 10-09-2013

The Cyprus International Trusts Law (Law no. 69/1992) remained unaltered since its enforcement back in 1992. 

Instructions for Civil Weddings in Cyprus
Posted On : 12-12-2011

People who wish to have a civil wedding in Cyprus must apply in person or through a lawyer practising in Cyprus to the Department of marriage services in Cyprus...

Prohibitions & restrictions on the importation & exportation of some goods in and out of Cyprus and
Posted On : 26-09-2011

According to the Law, the importation and exportation of certain goods is prohibited or restricted. Restrictions usually refer to the need for securing the authority or inspection from the appropriate Government Department.

Education in Cyprus
Posted On : 26-09-2011

Cyprus is a unique Mediterranean island at the intersection of the most important world trade routes, equidistant from three continents.

Posted On : 16-09-2011

In January 1993, frontier controls on the movement of goods between EU member states were abolished and importers and exporters in EU trade no longer were required to complete customs documentation.

VIES in Cyprus
Posted On : 25-08-2011

Prior to 1st May 2004 all exports of goods to destinations outside Cyprus, qualified for the zero rate of VAT.  This continues to be the case for exports to countries outside the EU.

Foreign investors now have the opportunity of investing and establishing business in Cyprus on equal
Posted On : 11-07-2011

What has really changed? The cornerstone of this analysis revolves around the notion that economic success is often linked with the necessary modifications and alterations that would enhance market growth.

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